Junk Drawer

This is the place where I am putting all the junk that usually goes on the side bars. I find the blogs, sites, people below useful, enjoyable or funny in some way. This does not mean that I endorse everything they say or do. Enjoy.

Funny People/Things:

Improv Everywhere

22 Words

Knox McCoy


Roger Ebert

Jeffrey Overstreet

World Mag Movie Reviews


Paste Magazine


The Avett Brothers


Jason Isbell


Vincent Van Gogh


Max Klinger

Gustave Dore

Fancy Fiction:

Cormac McCarthy

Tom Wolfe

Graham Greene

Flannery O’Conner

Walker Percy

Fiction for “Kids”

N.D. Wilson

C.S. Lewis


J. Wesley Bush

J.R.R. Tolkien

some Robert Heinlein (Read the book Starship Troopers)

and with some obvious reservations Neil Gaiman

Good Theology:

Blog and Mablog

Desiring God

Nine Marks

Tim Keller


Thabiti Anyabwile

Reformation 21

The Thirsty Theologian


Talking Chop (Atlanta Braves)

Dave O’Brien (Braves Beat Writer)


UGA Sports Blog

Other Junk:

Keith Law’s Blog


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