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Things I Read 01/06/14

Steve McCoy always has some great music to discover. His 2013 list is no different. Jason Isbell was my favorite of 2013, and I would have had The National and the Avett Brothers higher, but no major complaints here.

Douglas Wilson, insightful and challenging as usual, has 7 Tips on Hiring Millennials. Makes me want to buckle down in several areas.

Keith Law has his Top 30 ios Boardgame Apps…interesting if that’s your thing. I really enjoyed the Through the Desert app and the Carcassonne, Catan is great on a tablet.   



Welcome to the blog, my tiny corner of the internet universe. I used to blog over at the green leaf blog, but it kind of ran its course, plus, the whole “green leaf” title was a bit confusing. After some time off, I’m ready for another go.