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Things I Read 09/20/12

A good word from David Mathis on behaving worthy of the gospel in corporate worship.

I’m late to the party on Mark Regenerus’s interesting and controversial study on Gay parents. I can’t say that the results surprise me.

Nathan Finn has posted some thoughts on Southern Baptists, Baptism and Communion. I’m encouraged to see some discussion on this topic.

Mark Bradley asks: Could the Braves have a Legit chance of catching the Nationals? I’d like to think so.

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Things I Read 2/28/2012

Douglas Wilson writes, “Bombs and aid don’t do anything to the worldview of the people, and it is the worldview of the people that build a culture and a nation.” Good Stuff.

Tyler Stanton asks, Who Looks the Most Ridiculous? My answer…Lady GaGa hands down…although Lady Gaga riding tandem Segway with Bill Bellichick…..

That’s about all I’ve got today…been busy.

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Things I Read 2/27/12

Winston Smith has an article up at Ref21 discussing the history and developments in the Biblical Counseling movement and reviewing a new book on the subject by Heath Lambert. If you aren’t familiar with the difference between “Biblical” and “Christian” Counseling, there are some major and important differences. Interested? This video is a good place to start.

I absolutely love this quick post from Jared Wilson at the Gospel Coalition. Proverbs 29:18 is one of the modern church planting movements favorite passages of scripture. But what exactly is the vision that people will perish without? Great corrective.

Grantland has a post on racism, Jeremy Lin and ESPN that was interesting…I struggle with the intricacies of modern race relations as a relatively isolated WASP, but always enjoy reading perspectives like this. Andy Greenwald also spent a day on the set of Parks and Recreationone of my favorite TV shows.I especially enjoyed getting some perspective on Chris Pratt (who was also in the excellent film Moneyball), seems like and interesting guy.

Speaking of baseball…Spring training is here. Go Braves!

I didn’t watch the Oscars, but I am always interested in who won. I’m also always interested to see who won the Razzies. Here are the nominees.

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Things I Read 2/16/12

Gene Veith has some excellent thoughts, as usual, this time on homosexuality not being genetic. I particularly enjoy the fact that he doesn’t oversimplify things, as if homosexuality were a choice in the same way that ice cream flavor is a choice. Working with homosexual students on a daily basis makes helps you to understand some of these issues.

Justin Taylor writes an excellent post on hospitality and money in the Luther household. This is a great reminder for each of us in a money obsessed and socially isolated world.

I really enjoyed Chad Gibbs use of the fax machine as a metaphor for outdated national signing day practices. If you like college football, and especially if you check recruiting news more often than you read your Bible, this is the article for you. Plus, he throws in a Crystal Pepsi reference.

I wouldn’t have expected to get a lesson on vocation, hard work and growing up from Ricky Gervais, but here it is, nonetheless. I like his distinction between fame and eminence. While I want more than to simply be known for being good at something, at least he wants to do something meaningful in life.

Dan Phillips is really being pushy on this whole sufficiency of scripture thing. You mean it is really, really, really sufficient? I will have to wait for a word from the Holy Spirit to confirm this one 😉

I don’t know if it was a response to Gerald Harris, but Ed Stetzer came out with a great post on The Baptist Bogeyman the same day that “The Calvinists are Here” came out. He does a much better job getting to the root of the issue than I did.

Paste Magazine has a great interview with The Civil Wars about their Grammy Wins. If you haven’t heard of them, you should check out “Barton Hollow” and “Poison & Wine” for sure. Here is a single they just released with Taylor Swift of all people for the upcoming film The Hunger Games performed live at the Ryman Auditorium:

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Things I Read 2/15/12

Carl Trueman is discussing Fauxhawks, but really he’s discussing character and the nature of public manners for preachers. At first I want to jump on some personality driven preachers I know, then I remember my own character flaws and its all a bit more humbling/convicting.

An awesome interview with the burgeoning basketball star Jeremy Lin from 2010 while he was still at Harvard. You can see both his intelligence and his humility on display, rare in the modern world of sports. I’m giving thought to dedicating an entire post to Lin, Tebow, Christians in Sports, etc.

Tim Challies has come up with an excellent infographic to help middle aged white guys appreciate Christian rap. Yes Tim, you are a nerd, but I appreciate the attempt. The only thing that would have been better is if we could have seen a youtube video of Sope describing “Spittin'” to Challies.

I’m a big fan of the band Seryn out of Denton, TX. They recently performed in Atlanta, GA and Paste Magazine followed them around for a bit. Here is a video of a live performance of their song “We Will All Be Changed:”

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Things I Read 02/14/12

Julian Freeman wrote an excellent post on how defenders of public figures, from John MacArthur to James McDonald, are using ad hominem defenses? I.E. They have been faithful in their career so stop questioning them. This is so true and reminded me of the discussion between a tolerant spirit and a tolerant mind in Christ the Controversialist. (side note…when I type hominem my spell check tries to change it to Eminem…does this mean Western Civilization has collapsed?)

I agree for the most part with what Tim Challies is saying about introverts. But, as a struggling introverted minister myself, I sometimes wonder if extroverts might be tempted to just do ministry off of their personalities. We all have weaknesses I guess, but I see the strengths of being introverted in ministry as long as you love people.

So I’ll most likely lose everyone here, but if you are forced to watch the Bachelor with your wife, you need to read Knox McCoy’s weekly recaps…they are like 3,000 words. He has actually written a book called Jesus and the Bachelorette which I will likely review at some point. The man thinks about the biblical implications of literally everything he watches, plus, he’s hilarious.

A great little history lesson and exhortation on Valentine’s Day over at the Auburn Avenue blog, short, sweet and good.

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