Book Recommendation: Wordsmithy by Douglas Wilson

By rule I read everything that Douglas Wilson writes. Even though we have some theological differences, he is always striving to be biblical, Gospel centered, original and interesting. Since I enjoy his writing so much, and since there was a sale on the e-book for Wordsmithy, I decided it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I’m glad I read the book, but I’m also glad I got it on sale as an e-book. Let’s deal with the negatives first.

The Bad – I’m not sure if it was just the e-book format, but there were some editing issues. There were a few repeated paragraphs and the book was overall, pretty repetitive. Wilson said he was using the: tell them, tell them why, then tell them again method, I just wish it hadn’t been quite so obvious. The book is also very short. I would not pay the $11+ price tag on amazon right now, wait for a sale or a discount on the e-book again.

The Good – The book contained the usual witty, creative and original writing of Douglas Wilson. I greatly appreciate his writing, so it was nice to see his thought process and learn how he grew and matured as a writer. It is also nice to have a view on writing from a distinctly Christian worldview, something that isn’t forced in the book, but comes naturally out of who Wilson is. The biggest plus was the extensive book recommendations. This was one of those books that had me adding 20 or so books to my Amazon Wish List.

Overall, this is a solid addition to the Wilson Canon and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming a better writer or in the writing process.

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