Things I Read 02/14/12

Julian Freeman wrote an excellent post on how defenders of public figures, from John MacArthur to James McDonald, are using ad hominem defenses? I.E. They have been faithful in their career so stop questioning them. This is so true and reminded me of the discussion between a tolerant spirit and a tolerant mind in Christ the Controversialist. (side note…when I type hominem my spell check tries to change it to Eminem…does this mean Western Civilization has collapsed?)

I agree for the most part with what Tim Challies is saying about introverts. But, as a struggling introverted minister myself, I sometimes wonder if extroverts might be tempted to just do ministry off of their personalities. We all have weaknesses I guess, but I see the strengths of being introverted in ministry as long as you love people.

So I’ll most likely lose everyone here, but if you are forced to watch the Bachelor with your wife, you need to read Knox McCoy’s weekly recaps…they are like 3,000 words. He has actually written a book called Jesus and the Bachelorette which I will likely review at some point. The man thinks about the biblical implications of literally everything he watches, plus, he’s hilarious.

A great little history lesson and exhortation on Valentine’s Day over at the Auburn Avenue blog, short, sweet and good.

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